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361 Lokeren Písně & amp; Football Chants

Fotbalový tým hrající v Belgian First Division A, Belgium

8483 Everywhere We Go We are Lokeren Seznam stop
8638 Dale Cavese - Lokeren When Lokeren wins, the fans and the players are going to sit on the ground. They clap their hands during the intro of the Dale Cavese song and when the ref begins, everybody's jumping and hopping Seznam stop
11409 Who Doesn't Jump Is Buffalo Who doesn't jump is Buffalo Seznam stop
11610 And We All Love Sporting Our version of "By far the greatest team, the world has ever seen"... Seznam stop
14491 Everywhere We Go (Hooligan Version) This is the English 'Everywhere We Go' that the hooligans of Lokeren sing. Fanatics and normal fans don't sing this song. Seznam stop
14758 Seven Nation Army Not sure who this is about? Seznam stop
14817 We'll Be Coming ... Seznam stop
15518 Shall We Sing a Song for You Well? Seznam stop
15778 K.S.C. Lokeren Chant ... Seznam stop
15954 Lokeren Chant ... Seznam stop
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15986 Lolololo NEW ... Seznam stop
16027 Lokeren Chant 3 ... Seznam stop
16081 Come on Lokeren, Come on Lokeren NEW Come on Lokeren! Seznam stop
16089 Ale Ale Ohoo Chanted during the game Lokeren VS Hull 28/8/14 Seznam stop
16093 Donte Sa Dite NEW ... Seznam stop
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